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Welcome to Mewar Jain Temple

Rajasthan’s Mewar province is surrounded by the Aravali hills which makes it very beautiful and attractive. This province is also the represents the artistic, literary magnificence of Rajasthan. There’s no doubt that Mewar is the representative of natural beauty but it also has its importance in following the tradition.

Mewar is the land of brave and legendary heroes. If people like Bhamashah and Rana pratap have made the motherland proud then holy places and ancient old effigy have made this land world famous.

In Jain’s holy places Mewar and Rajasthan owns a very important place in world map. The footfall on holy places is that much only important how it is to promote the religion because it is these holy places only which reminds us of our ancient history and ancestors. These historic places and statues denotes its importance in their own style. The environment of these places is so pellucid and pure that it fills human mind and soul with happiness and gratitude. I truly believe and hope that after forming this website the footfall of the tourists will in increase to these holy places. This website will serve as a site library of most of the holy places and with the help of this website people would be able to visit these holy places from there houses through net. This website will also be very fruitful for the coming generation and will prove as a unparalled gift in future.

A description of Jain religion’s Mahamantra Navkar Mantra is also done in this website. Its adoration, process, situation, direction etc. is also given in this website.

Apart from all this updation of Shree Jain Swetamber Mahasabha, Udaipur’s monthly pamphlet will also be regularly done on this website.

Hope that people belonging to this website and people who come along this website will gain a lot from it and will prove a good recourse of it. Come, with the help of this website make Mewar;s holy places popular and worshipful and make our lives blissful.

Mohanlal Bolya